Selection Process

Selection Process

Our selection criteria includes several key components that will need to be verified before the recruitment process begins. For example we would need to establish the skills and experience required, technical competencies and key performance indicators for the position which would be provided in writing for your approval. We will then create the job personality profile to provide us with the personality traits to look for during the recruitment process.

Kagadi Recruitment Agency Ltd uses a personality profile system to profile both the job specification and candidate personalities. We will analyze the job’s requirements. This provides us with the key personality traits that we will be looking for during the recruitment process and forms the basis for the behavioral based interview questions.

Step 1 - THE ROLE

We listen to our client to identify each trait required to their positions, skills, experience and attitude. Our priority is to get background information relative to the job. The more information we gather the more successful the placement.


It is this early stage that makes what we do unique. Firstly we actively source candidates using standard online and print advertising, candidate database and candidate referrals. Secondly we utilize our extensive personal networks.


The best candidates are then shortlisted and interviewed face-to-face. Applying all the information we gathered in Step 1 and vast industry knowledge of the recruiters, we can make an accurate judgment to whether the candidate fits into the client specifications and requirements.


All candidates supply a minimum of three work references, we verify all the candidate’s abilities, work history and qualifications. If a client deems it fit and necessary, we can also facilitate Drug and Alcohol tests as well as Police Clearance checks.


The successful candidate is placed with our client. If the client feels that the candidate is not fully suited then we offer to replace the candidate free of charge. Our account managers will be available to liaise with the client throughout the replacement process .